Mateusz Jabłoński returned from the hospital after his terrible crash in Toruń few weeks ago

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Mateusz Jabłoński’s nightmare accident happened during training in Toruń. Young rider from Gniezno raced with two competitors. At the entrance to the second arc he caught the opponent’s rear wheel and hit the inflatable gang with great force. Then he was hit by his own bike. Immediately after the accident, Jabłoński was transported to hospital. From that moment on, the fight for his life and stabilization of his health continued.

All speedway community in Poland held thumbs for Mateusz Jabłoński for a long time. A month after the accident, the first information that the rider had woken up appeared. Now he has taken another important step and has left the hospital in Toruń.

It is worth adding that the welcome of the 16-year-old guy was very loud. In the material published and then deleted from the TV channel Gniezno, you could see flares fired and hear thunderous applause after he left from the hospital.

Sebastian Sirek