Ellis will ride 20 times in May. Englishman’s busy schedule

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A busy May awaits the English rider Adam Ellis. In May he will take part in twenty events. As you can see, it’s not uncommon for riders to have a lot of time off the track.

The Englishman posted his May schedule in social media. It shows that during 31 days of May he has … 20 starts in speedway events.  The busiest will be from 15 to 19 May. Individual champion of Great Britain on May 15 will start in the European Team Championships in Poznan, on Monday, May 16 will appear in Ipswich. On Tuesday, May 17 he is scheduled to start for Masarna Avesta, a day later in Birmingham and on May 19 he should again be present in Sweden.

And to think that you have to travel so many kilometers to work in your profession …. About 100 minutes multiplying the number of events times five runs and assuming that it takes one minute…..