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Speedway society has shown many times that it can support each other in difficult moments. The story of English speedway fans Jessie and her daughter Natalie is very touching.


Jessie fell ill with leukemia a few years ago. Recently, unfortunately, there was a re-emission of the disease. In the previous week, the heroine of the article wrote on her social media that she made the decision to undergo palliative care, and doctors give her only a few months to live.

– I will definitely receive steroids and chemotherapy, which will not cure me, but will give me a little more time. We have many memories with our daughter, but from now on we want to keep only the positive ones,” she wrote.

Jessie made her special list of things she would like to do before she dies. English speedway fan wants to visit as many speedway tracks as possible, sit on a speedway motorcycle and do something nice for her daughter who will be orphaned soon. Her friend, current Kent promoter Si Kellow, got involved in making her dream come true and set up a special fundraiser for her friend.

– Yesterday, like many others, I learned that my friend Jessica had suffered a relapse. The horrible disease that is leukemia has returned with full force.  There aren’t many treatment options this time because this particular type of leukemia is rather rare and quite severe. There were basically three options – try a new stem cell therapy, which can be crippling and has less than a 30% chance of success; undergo palliative care and make the best of this time; or do nothing and suffer. Jess opted for steroids and palliative care to ease her way through the rest of her life. The reason I posted this GoFundMe is because Jessica has a teenage daughter Natalie age 14. Natalie has been wonderful in helping her mom get through her illness, but Jessica would like to have as many happy memories as possible with Natalie in the time she has left. Jess and Natalie are huge speedway fans, so I encourage you, if you are a speedway fan, to do something for Natalie and Jessica for all they have done for speedway,” the fundraising page set up by the Kent promoter .