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 Dan Bewley and Australian Jack Holder will replace the Russian riders in this year’s Grand Prix series. With a question about which of them will be more successful and whether the choice is right we turned to Jerzy  Kanclerz, who has been following the struggles for the world title live since the beginning of the Grand Prix series.

One thing is undeniable. In my humble opinion this choice is probably the best possible one. It is great that two young riders were introduced. For me these are young wolves, who can, despite appearances, “mix up” a bit in the championships. If, in turn, I have to answer the question which of them will place higher, in my opinion it will be the Englishman. He is perfectly driven, he really has a fantastic driving style with “teeth”. I will say more. As you know I like to play prophet and I think that if Dan will be in the same disposition as in the 2021 season he can even spin around the sixth position in the general classification – says Jerzy Kanclerz.


The president of Polonia is the leader when it comes to people who watched the most Grand Prix tournaments live. So which debuts in the cycle does he remember the best?

– This is more complicated question. It is not clear what to call a real debut. We can say that Gollob made his debut perfectly in the year 95 by winning in Wroclaw, but he was a regular participant of the cycle. Certainly there were many competitors. We remember Dugard who was able to win the tournament. The most successful in the cycle were Darcy Ward and Emil Sajfutdinow. It’s just a quick association because a precise answer would take a lot of thinking. There is no doubt that Bewley and Holder can show their best side – sums up Jerzy Kanclerz.

Foto Taylor Lanning