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British speedway fans continue to rejoice over the success that Simon Stead’s guys have achieved on Sunday. After triumphing in the Speedway of Nations final, fans in the UK can again say that they have the best national team in the world. Dan Bewley is a British favorite. Fans transformed the famous meme in his honor.

During the sparring match between the British and the Poles, a funny picture appeared on the Speedway Social Twitter profile. It is a reference to a famous meme in which a man tries to convince his wife to name their son after Goku, a character from the “Dragon Ball” series. In the speedway version the child would of course be called “Dan Bewley”.

Bewley has won the hearts of British fans with his recent great performances. In the British Premiership, he was absolutely “the big one” in Belle Vue Aces matches. He then proudly replaced Tai Woffinden on Day 2 of the Speedway of Nations and yesterday led the Brits to a sparring win.

Let us add that the victory in the Speedaway of Nations is the greatest triumph of the British national team since 1989. It was then that the team consisting of Jeremy Doncaster, Kelvin Tatum, Paul Thorp, Simon Wigg and Simon Cross reached for the gold. After more than 30 years there comes a big success again.

Sebastian Sirek