Adam Skórnicki. Foto. JAREK PABIJAN
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The team of the first league Orzel Łódź issued a press release in which it informs about the cooperation with Kolejarz Rawicz. There is also a clear message regarding the future of Adam Skórnicki.

We are pleased to announce that the “Orzeł” Speedway Club in Łódź has established training cooperation with the Metalika Recykling Kolejarz Rawicz club. Due to the fact that currently the “Orzeł” Speedway Club in Łódź is not able to meet the sports criteria in the part concerning the compulsory training of players, which is due to the lack of appropriate sports infrastructure in Łódź necessary to conduct classes with future adepts of speedway sport, and what hence the necessity of training fees for the lack of training of players in the amount of several dozen thousand zlotys a year under the agreement signed between KŻ Orzeł Łódź and Klub Metalika Recykling Kolejarz Rawicz, both clubs will start training cooperation.

Kolejarz Rawicz, having an appropriate training base, will soon start training children and youth, which will benefit the “Orzeł” Speedway Club in Łódź. The cooperation is to provide the Lodz club with the opportunity to recruit talented players, and at the same time will allow to meet the sports criteria required in the licensing process. At the same time, as agreed between the Parties, a coach, Adam Skórnicki, will be delegated to cooperate in the training of children and youth at the Kolejarza Rawicz academy. The time scope of work in the club in Rawicz will not affect the work of the trainer in the “Orzeł” Speedway Club in Łódź.

At the same time, in connection with the information published in the media regarding changes in the training staff of KŻ “Orzeł” Łódź, the Club’s Management Board informs that there have not been and are not planned changes in the position of the team’s coach. Adam Skórnicki remains the coach of the Lodz club.