Piotr Protasiewicz as national coach?

Piotr Protasiewicz. Foto: Łukasz Forysiak, Falubaz Zielona Góra
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Since the 2021 season, Rafał Dobrucki has been managing both the senior and junior national team of Poland. For some people, Piotr Protasiewicz would also be a perfect person to prove himself in the role of a staff manager. In the Polish Motor Association, however, they argue that at the moment a long-term cooperation with the current Biało-Czerwonych trainer is planned.

Dobrucki was very close to leading the team to triumph in the most important international event, the Speedway of Nations, already in the first season of work with the team. The Poles did very well in the two days of the tournament in Manchester, but they did not understand each other in the final race and eventually the gold went to the hosts.

The Poles, on the other hand, received the gold discs of the Junior World Team Championships and the Junior European Team Championships. The selector often advised his pupils also during individual competitions. You could meet him, among others at many Grand Prix tournaments. No wonder that the Polish speedway authorities do not yet believe that the change is necessary. – We do not consider the candidacy of Piotr Protasiewicz or any other – argues Piotr Szymański in the pages of polskizuzel.pl.

There is no doubt, however, that the advice of the current captain, Stelmet Falubaz, Zielona Góra, would be very valuable for both older and members of the national team. So it can be expected that – if this will be the will of the rider – PZM will find a role for him after the end of his career.

– He is a great personality and we think how to find a suitable place for someone with such achievements and experience. Of course, this also requires Peter’s interest and will. However, I would like to emphasize that we are currently running various projects with our trainer Rafał Dobrucki, which are dynamically developing in all age categories. Therefore, I think that this cooperation will be long-term – sums up Szymański.

For now, Protasiewicz is getting ready for another important season. The graduate of the W69 team will try to lead his home team to a quick return to PGE Ekstraliga.