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There are never too many speedway books. The autobiography of  Peter Collins, will go on sale in August.

Peter Collins, the legend of the world speedway, stood on the highest step of the podium in 1976 at the track in Chorzów. He has appeared in the individual world finals eight times. He is also a multi-player at the World Team Championship. Since January, the Englishman “puts” his memories on paper

I have been urged many times to “write down” my career. I always said no. Now, however, I have changed my mind and since January I have been systematically recreating the most important events in life on and off the track. I think it will be a nice position for a speedway fan – says the former world champion.

Interestingly, Peter Collins is one of those people who are reluctant to use technical innovations. The former player writes down his experiences on paper and the autobiography will be created by a well-known English journalist, Tony Mac Donald.