fot. Wolfe Wittstock
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The German team Wittstock gave the names of the players who will be playing the colors of “Wolves” in the 2022 season. The personalities met with a lot of criticism from fans because they do not guarantee better results of the Germans than those achieved in the last season.


The president of the German club ensures that the new management of the club knows what he is doing and the names presented so far are only part of the team for the 2022 season. We would like to remind you that the team from Brandenburg includes names like Max Dilger, Valentin Grobauer, Emil Braun, Sam Jensen and Steven Mauer.

– The names presented by us are not the whole team. There is no need to worry. Nobody has written anywhere that this is our final squad that we want to start in the Polish league. We are still working hard on the next players and I am convinced that their final contract will calm down the opinion of the “speedway” in Poland. It will definitely be a brave team that will do better than last season – the president of the German club tells us.

Thus, the club owner cut off speculation that the team’s line-up was finally closed. It is therefore only necessary to wait for the next names to be announced by the Wolfe Wittstock team.