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Krzysztof Kasprzak i psycholog Julia Chomska. Fot. Mateusz Dzierwa
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Krzysztof Kasprzak is staying at Stal Gorzow for another year. Former World number 2 will remain Bartosz Zmarzlik’s team mate, whom he calls a friend.

It’s not a sensational news in speedway. Kasprzak has chosen a stable club and a track he knows like his own back yard . Lublin has to look for another polish senior rider they can add to Pawel Miesiac who is their first choice. We think they might go for Jakub Jamrog as he did not seem to settle well at Betard Sparta Wroclaw and did not express his will to remain there. Is Lublin a good punt? Well, it is not far from his home at Tarnow, but as we know it is no longer a factor in speedway.