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Leszno took an easy victory at home against Zielona Góra, 54:36 on Saturday afternoon.

Patryk Dudek (12+1) Max Fricke (8+1) and Matej Zagar (8+1) all did well for the guests. But, whilst Leszno do not have the strength in depth of previous years, Australian U21 World Champion, Jaimon Lidsey (11, photo), could probably count as the difference between the sides. It was the case of youth beating experience as by contrast veteran, Piotr Protasiewicz scored just 3 pts for the visitors.

The home team’s Australian former world champion and SGP rider, Jason Doyle (10+1) turned up the heat, whilst Janusz Kolodziej (12) scored a maximum and Emil Sayfutdinov (9+3) continue to out class their opponents for a stress free win for the current champions.


A closely fought match, the hosts Grudziadz took a narrow two point lead from Heat 6, won by Nicki Pedersen (10+1) and were able to extend it in Heat 11, won by Kenneth Bjerre (12), to go into the last four heats ahead, 35:31.
As expected Mikkel Michelsen (10+1) and Grigori Laguta (10) lead the way Lublin.

But in a match with eight (!) 3:3 heats, it was going to be the small things that made a difference. And in Heat 13, Pedersen was tossed out for Touching the Tapes, leading to wild hand gestures and screaming from the temperamental Dane. His absence paved the way for Jaroslaw Hampel (7) and Michelsen to take a 1 :5 in Heat 13 to level the scores.

No one could break the deadlock in the nomination heats, so the match finished 45:45 with the visitors probably taking the moral victory back home with them after staging a last minute comeback.