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Sun. Feb 16, 2020

Od 2022 roku cykl Grand Prix może się znacznie zmienić. FOT. SPEEDWAY GRAND PRIX

Speedway Grand Prix in America and Asia?

The Discovery Group, the owner of Eurosport Events, has just bought rights to the Speedway Grand Prix from the year 2022. The director of the FIM Track Racing Commission, Armando Castagna, believes that the change will help to develop the sport further.

– There were many reasons why we have chosen Discovery offer among others. We have been given a clear development plan with many years in advance. There’s a plan to make sure that we have a stream of young riders coming into the sport. This is not even mentioning how the sport will be shown in the media. Discovery brand speaks for itself – says Castagna for the German news Speedweek.

The ex-rider assures that Discovery ownership will guarantee an expansion of SGP outside of Europe.

– I can say now, for 100% that we will have the Grand Prix outside of Europe. This reassurance was pivotal in the decision making at the FIM. It was great to see the World Championship in Australia or New Zealand in recent history but that came to a stop in the last couple of years. When you get told by a promoter that there will be rounds in places that never hosted top speedway before, it presents new opportunities of expansion. The project mentions Argentina and South Africa. We all know how strong presence Discovery has in Asia, this is going to be one of the destinations for speedway- continues Armando Castagna. 

The Italian is convinced that the new owner will have no issues coping with organising such a big series of events.

– The Group have plenty of time to get ready to get in charge of the world’s speedway. FIM will have a say on who is chosen to run the events and we will make sure the people selected have plenty of previous experience and know the sport inside-out. We appreciate the massive work that BSI has done with the SGP and we thank them. We will carry on for the next two seasons and then open a completely new chapter for global speedway – sums up Castagna.