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Bartosz Smektała kolekcja
Tue. Jan 21, 2020

Szymon Szlauderbach wysłuchujący w Australii uwag Leigh Adamsa.

Leigh Adams comes back to Leszno as a coach!

– Thanks to this relationship we can be very active on the australian market. As we all know they have a lot of talent down under – said a very content Piotr Rusiecki, Unia’s chairman who was instrumental to this strategic move to bring Leigh Adams back to Leszno.

48-year-old Leigh Adams, bronze medalist of the world championships in 2005 was always the man to go to when it comes to Australia’s talent. The Bulls could always count on him. This time the relationship will be a formal one.

– We stay in touch with Leigh all the time, we talk about speedway a lot. In the past couple of years he has been involved in caoching young talents he oversees the progress they make and whether thay have a chance of making it big. This year we thoght we can make use of Leigh and make him our coach over in Australia. His response was very positive. Thanks to our work we can stay very active on their market and as we know they have a lot of hidden gems down under. It is a good investment in our future and we carry on working with our friend, Leigh – explains Piotr Rusiecki.

We can also confirm our speculations regarding the club’s new strength and conditioning coach. It will be Michal Turynski, kick boxing world champion, he is a pupil of the recently departed Tomasz Skrzypek, Leszno’s former coach. – We can confirm that our newest member of the coaching staff is indeed Michal Turynski, who was very involved with Tomasz both as a pupil and a friend. After some initial talks we had with him, weare certain he will replace Tomasz as our strength and conditioning trainer with great effects. I believe that we will prepare to the new season as we did in previous years and we will hit great form from the start – believes Piotr Rusiecki.

Leszno have their new Bull groomer and their new cowboy down under. Work begins at the end of November.