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Bartosz Smektała kolekcja
Sat. Jan 18, 2020

Hancock plans his future. Tempting offer from Rybnik

It looks very likely that after more than a year away, we might see Greg Hancock back on the European scene. The experienced Yank is not short of contract proposals for next season. One of those, a very tempting one, is from Rybnik.

Jennie Hancock, Greg’s wife, is getting better and her cancer treatment is near the end. Hancock is supposed to be back at the Grand Prix Series for 2020, but also in the swedish Elitserien and polish PGE Ekstraliga. Officially we won’t know until, probably beginning of November, but we know for a fact that one of many clubs interested in Hancock is Row Rybnik. Recently promoted club needs a rider like Greg to boost its chances to race for a little bit more than just surviving in the top league. The only issue with Rybnik is that, most likely, they will not be strong enough to reach the Playoffs, which means less racing and smaller earnings for the American. The club’s management have offered him the job but he has not replied as of yet.

The four time World Champion rode for 10 clubs in Poland: Unia Leszno, Start Gniezno, Sparta Wroclaw, Wybrzeze Gdansk, Wlokniarz Czestochowa, Falubaz Zielona Gora, Unia Tarnow, Polonia Bydgoszcz, Stal Rzeszow i Get Well Torun, but has not yet represented Rybnik.

Greg, as we know, had to postpone all his speedway commitments at the start of the year, due to his wife’s cancer diagnosis. At first it was thought that we might see him back a bit earlier, but at the beginning of summer it was clear we will have to wait a bit longer. Just before the German Grand Prix at Teterov there were rumors that Greg might be back racing in the event. Unfortunately it was just a cheap publicity stunt.