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Speedway Grand Prix changes hands. Discovery takes over from BSI

Bartosz Zmarzlik. fot. Jarosław Pabijan
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The most talked about subject in the dead season was the end of BSI’s ownership of the SGP. It is likely that Discovery Group, the owners of Eurosport will sign a new 10-year deal.

It is the end of an era in global speedway. BSI took over the World Championship with a brand new format in 1995, the plans were very ambitious. – We want to make good speedway – assured in broken polish one of the directors. The plans to conquer, not only Europe but the whole world did not materialise. Is there a chance to make it happen now?

It is something new and the hopes are high. FIM decided that the 2022 series will be under the new ownership. There is a possibility of including One Sport (Jan Konikiewicz, Karol Lejman) to do some work on the new SGP project. They have plenty of experience working with Eurosport as they own the Speedway European Championship series that are shown on the TV station.