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fot. KS ROW Rybnik
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Piotr Swiderski will coach ROW Rybnik in the 2020 season. A former rider who also rode for the Rybnik club will have to fill Piotr Zyto’s boots, who moved to Falubaz.

– Piotr impressed u with his professionalism, his hard work and thoroughness. He is still a young manager who should bring in some fresh energy and new blood to our team – explains Krzysztof Mrozek, PGG ROW Rybnik’s chairman on the club’s official website.

Piotr Swiderski as a rider rode for the clubs from Wroclaw, Zielona Gora, Tarnow and Gorzow Wielkopolski. He had postpone his career early in the 2017 season just before it started. The rider was signed by Orzel Lodz and before one of the pre-season training, he felt unwell. After some tests, it became clear that he needed serious chest surgery as one of his blood vessels needed treatment. Luckily everything went smooth without any complications, but the rider never came back to racing. Swiderski joined the coaching team at Orzel and shortly after he became a regular TV pundit for Canal+.

– Chairman Krzysztof Mrozek trusted me and gave me a chance to work in a very stable club. I will repay him with my hard work and graft. I know that there is a massive boom for speedway at Rybnik and I want to be a part of this – said ROW’s new manager. – Since I’ve finished racing I have been in touch with the scene so I am up to date. I believe that my previous experiences will help my work at Rybnik – he concluded.

Swiderski’s work at Rybnik does not end with the first team. He will also be in charge of the juniors and their development.