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Piotr Pawlicki fot. Paweł Prochowski
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Earlier in the week, nSport+, the polish channel that shows PGE Ekstraliga, broadcasted a story on Fogo Unia Leszno captain, Piotr Pawlicki. The man himself was talking about his speedway background, what’s behind the closed doors but also about his friendship with Maciej Janowski. – I wouldn’t want to live my life differently – said the rider.

– He’s greedy for success. All he wants is to win. In team and individually – describes him Slawomir Kryjom. – An example to follow – added Jan Krzystyniak. – He is born to be a sportsman, whatever he takes upon, he succeeds immediately. He is very talented but also works hard for all his success, sometimes makes a hard work of it – admitted the late Tomasz Skrzypek at the PGE Ekstraliga finals.

Piotr with his brother Przemyslaw were into bikes since early childhood, what’s interesting it was not their mother that was against them giving speedway a go. – They were always into all sorts of bikes, anything with wheels. Bicycles, scooters then motorbikes. It was their calling and I could sense that it was my husband that was all against it. He didn’t want anything to happen to them, just like it did to him. “Are you afraid they will be better than you?” I tried to tease him to get his approval for the boys – recalls mum, Wioletta.

fot. Pawel Prochowski

– Piotrek was such a little boy he had to have his bike heavily modified to he could reach the footrest. This is how they started, but the first steps were made at home where the Pawlicki family have a mini track on their grounds – explained Roman Jankowski, Leszno’s juniors coach.

The younger brother has an explosive character, which he admits to, but he works hard to change it. – When I was a junior I used to take it all out on a wall in the pits or a toolbox and that often ended up badly – I kept injuring my hands – he said smiling. – As time goes by I am able to re-think and calm myself down. I don’t want to pretend anybody that I am not, especially that our parents have brought us up as honest people. I don’t want to show this other “me” in the world of speedway – he added.

Piotr (left) and Przemyslaw Pawlicki.

Piotr Pawlicki can rides his bikes but he can also do a job in the kitchen. – I have to be careful as I am allergic to certain foods and I feel the effects after I’ve eaten some things. I have to keep an eye on these things. I like to make myself some waffles from millet flour and porridge oats, I also treat myself to some pancakes. Eggs, frankfurters, polish breakfast… I am not a fussy eater I’ll eat everything, apart from the things I’m allergic to. You can always jump on the bicycle afterwards and burn it all off – he explains.

– I think it’s easier to be on your own in this sport, it’s difficult for a real friendship. It’s tough to look after a real friendship like I have with Maciej Janowski. Friendship is a big word. I mean if you meet somebody every day and you talk to them about everyday life you think a “friend”. I think I would call them my really good mates – outlines Pawlicki. – It’s hard to keep those relations with Magic, as we are rivals on the track both in teams and individually. There was never anything untoward between him and me despite a huge rivalry between us, we have always stayed fair. I think a lot of it is down to Maciej as he is such an easy-going and open-minded person – he continues.

– The speedway life I have, I love very much, I wouldn’t want a different one – sums up Pawlicki.