Stary stadion żużlowy w Lublinie jak zawsze wypełniony po brzegi Źródło: FB Speed Car Motor Lublin
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The new and impressive arena will have a capacity of 15.000 seats, will be fully or partially roofed, will have a roof-top terrace and walking pads. All this for an approximate cost of 180 million PLN (36 mln GBP). The project was announced at a special press conference by the President of the City of Lublin, Krzysztof Zuk.

The stadium will have many functions, not just as a speedway track, there is an option to have an American football or a rugby pitch inside, a speed skating track or an ice rink. There will be space for a complex of football pitches outside of the arena.

– If we decide to go with the fully sheltered option we will have more options in terms of staging different types of events, not just sport. This will generate an extra income which will help to cover the running costs of the stadium, said Krzysztof Zuk, the president of Lublin.

The virtual presentation of the new stadium was staged at the current location of Motor’s home, al.Zygmuntowskie 5, but Wojciech Ryzynski, the project’s main architect, assured that re-locating it to the proposed new area will not be an issue. – When working on the project, we took into consideration the size of the land and the fact that it is quite a narrow plot. The building will be constructed in a way that it fits in with the grounds specific conditions (the proposed land is near a river which makes for damper than usual conditions). The other issue we had was to find enough space for Speed Car Motor’s new HQ. After discussing it with the club we decided to situate it partly underground – addressed Ryzynski.

This new announcement and the fact that it will be a new location altogether is a breath of fresh air for Lublin’s speedway fans. It means that there is no need to be seeking a temporary solution to home the speedway club before the new place is completed, there was an option of putting a temporary track at the Arena Lublin, the local football stadium. The numbers did not add up anyway, as it would cost around 20 mln PLN just to get the football ground adapted to stage speedway, this would also mean that the football team would need a place to play as well. We have thought it through and I have ordered to find a suitable solution to create space within the city for this project– added Zuk.

As they wait for their dream track, the club will still be racing at their current stadium at al.Zygmuntowskie 5. The club, with the help from the city council, are making it ready for the 2020 season. – Most things were already done before the 2019 campaign, so we are just doing a bit of tidying up and refreshing. The front fencing needs a bit of attention and we need to get the emergency exits to look more presentable. We will have to do all the testing, as we do every spring, before the season. The main thing that most clubs have to do according to PGE Ekstraliga new rules is the linear drainage and we have it ready, so we are ahead of the rest – said Jakub Kepa, Speed Car Motor Lublin’s chairman.

According to the club, the old stadium will be left to use for speedway, after they move into the new one. It will serve as a training ground for all the young local riders.

This is the visualisation of how the stadium may look like.