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Tarnow finally got back former SGP star, Niels Kristian Iversen after injury. But having lost Rohan Tungate to injury in Denmark on Wednesday is was another depressing outing for the home side who seem to be lacking strength in depth.
Ostrow won, 33:57 due to an all round good performance from their international riders and their experienced home riders, Tomasz Gapinski (6+3) and Grzegorz Walesek (13).

Individual scores:
Niels Kristian Iversen TAR 13

Oliver Berntzon OST 11+1

Patrick Hansen OST 8+1

Nicolai Klindt OST 5

Alexander Woentin TAR 2


Today’s other eWinner 1 match was a much closer affair with just one point separating the two sides. There’s few that would have thought that when Matuesz Dul (LOD, 3) beat Alan Szczotka (GDA, 3) in the reserve heat – with both other riders failed to complete Heat 2 – that it would be the difference, but that win won the game for the visitors, Łódź – 44:45.
The visitors will, no doubt, breath a sigh of relief as they take the bus back home tonight after nearly throwing away a match that they were in control of. They were 9 points ahead after Heat 6 and then extended it to 11 points by Heat 9.

But then Gdańsk mounted a comeback lead by Jakub Jamrog who won Heats 10, 14 and 15 for the home side on his way to 14+1, the same score as Russian teammate, Wiktor Kulakov. Surprisingly, Rasmus Jensen struggled at home with just 2 for Gdańsk.

However, that one point heat advantage from the second heat was enough alongside solid performances from the team including American, Luke Becker (8) and Australian, Brady Kurtz (10). However, the visitors top scorer was another Russian, Alexandr Loktaev (12).