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Sat. Jan 18, 2020

Martin Vaculik i Stowarzyszenie Kibiców Tylko Falubaz.

Vaculik thanks his fans in person

Some riders hardly appreciate their supporters. Others, go the extra mile to show their gratitude. Martin Vaculik took everyone by surprise as he showed up at the Falubaz supporters meeting.

The Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Gora rider thought that there is no better way to show his fans what they mean to him but do it personally. He attended the Stowarzyszenie Kibicow Tylko Falubaz, supporters club, to show his respect and appreciation.

– I said it many times before, I feel excellent at Zielona Gora. I just wanted to show how much the fans mean to me, hence my unexpected visit. I am glad that I have managed to surprise many of them. I’ve noticed that it shocked many to see me. I’m happy that we have kept my visit to the meeting as a secret until the end . Once again, many thanks for your support- said the Slovak after the meeting.

A special gift from Martin Vaculik to the supporters club chairman.