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Transfer window opens soon. What do we know so far?

Grigorij Łaguta (z prawej) okazał się bombą transferową przed sezonem 2019. FOT. JĘDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA

It’s coming up to the most exciting part of the, so-called, “dead season”. The new transfer window will open soon. Let’s have a closer look on all the PGE Ekstraliga clubs and what firepower they have and will have.

Fogo Unia Leszno:

The Leszno club owners have announced some time ago, that they are aiming to keep the same squad for next year. The club has won the league for the third time in the row, therefore it will be difficult to get any rider out of the club. Piotr Pawlicki, Janusz Kolodziej and Emil Sajfutdinow all have their places in the team and are all important parts of it. As for juniors, they will have Dominik Kubera, Szymon Szlauderbach or Kacper Pludra. The only uncertainty is the remaining two senior slots. Bartosz Smektala who is out of the juniors has said that he is only interested in the main team space and to be honest it’s hard to think that the team management will let one of its biggest homegrown talent of the decade slip away. Looks like it will be between Brady Kurtz and Jarek Hampel to fill in the remaining last spot. Let’s not forget about the coach’s favourite rider, Jaimon Lidsey who keeps knocking at the top 8’s door. The early pre-season test matches will likely decide who will be the last man to get in the team. This will mean that either Brady or Jarek will get loaned out to another club.

Betard Sparta Wroclaw:

Stability is Wroclaw’s motto in recent years. Before the 2019 season, they only made one change. Jakub Jamrog replaced Damian Drozdz. Looks like there will not be a revolution next year. Their biggest achievement is no doubt keeping Maksym Drabik in the club. The 21-year-old will be one of the leaders next to Tai Woffinden and Maciej Janowski. Max Fricke has no needs to worry as his place is safe but in Andrzej Rusko’s eyes, the club’s biggest talent is Gleb Czugunow. After Monday’s voting against allowing foreign juniors to take programmed junior rides, it looks like Przemysław Liszka and Patryk Wojdylo will fill in those spots. So if any clubs fancying grabbing a bargain of the Lower Silesia club there are only Jakub Jamrog and Vaclav Milik left to take. Both riders want regular racing next year. Because of the way the team is built up around developing Fricke and Czugunow’s talents, the club cannot simply guarantee all of them consistent team selection.  

Jakub Jamrog is one of the candidates to swap clubs in the transfer window. FOT. JEDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA

forBET Wlokniarz Czestochowa:

Czestochowa likes their starts to be tied up with long term contracts. During the season Michal Swiacik proudly said that both Leon Madsen and Frederik Lindgren have signed new, three year deals. We also know that the 3 juniors will battle it out for 2 team places are Jakub Miskowiak, Bartlomiej Kowalski and Mateusz Swidnicki . The rest of the squad is still a mystery. The third leader is supposed to be Jason Doyle, who wants a club capable of reaching higher goals after his Get Well Torun got relegated last year. Marek Cieslak wishes to add Rune Holta and most probably keep Pawel Przedpelski, who had a reasonably good second part of the season.

Stelmet Falubaz Zielona Gora:

Before the start of the 2019 season, we had a proper shakedown at the club. It’s not likely to be such a busy window this time around. The team will again be built around Patryk Dudek, Martin Vaculik and Michael Jepsen Jensen. Piotr Protasiewicz who recently was linked with ZOOleszcz Polonia Bydgoszcz will also stay. Slots under numbers 6 and 7 will be decided between Norbert Krakowiak, Damian Pawliczak and Mateusz Tonder. At reserve, they will have Jan Kvech, young and promising Czech. Last but not least, after letting Nicki Pedersen leave, Falubaz is looking to sign Antonio Lindbaeck who has announced his departure from Grudziadz.


MRGARDEN GKM this is possibly the only club to make some big signings, come the 1st of November. The club at Hallera 4 has secured Nicki Pedersen. The Dane will join Artiom Łaguta, Przemyslaw Pawlicki, Krzysztof Buczkowski and Kenneth Bjerre as they have all signed new deals with the club. The coach Robert Kempinski will have Roman Lachbaum at reserve. The young Russian impressed in the last match of the regular season against Speed Car Motor Lublin. As it stands the Doves can no longer accommodate Antonio Lindbaeck. As almost every year the junior contingent looks most doubtful, their main U21 rider will be Marcin Turowski who will be backed up by Damian Lotarski and Kacper Lobodzinski.

Matej Zagar will join the Lublin team. FOT. JEDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA

Speed Car Motor Lublin:

Lublin is another club that likes to keep its secrets close. Riders that are certain for next season are Mikkel Michelsen, Pawel Miesiac, Matej Zagar, Wiktor Lampart and Wiktor Trofimow. The reserve will be most likely Oskar Bober who should be happy with this role more than Robert Lambert. It is unknown whether they will sign anyone else. Surely Grigoryi Laguta has declared lately that he will stay for another year, but the Russian’s trust is not something to rely on, so until the contract is signed, nothing is clear. It is still difficult to say what will happen with the older of the Lampart brothers and Grzegorz Zengota, who is still recuperating after the horrific injury from last year. It is understandable for the managers to keep luring Jakub Jamrog to the Aleje Zygmuntowskie circuit as he could be guaranteed regular racing.

truly.work Stal Gorzow:

The club can breathe a big sigh of relief after they have secured Krzysztof Kasprzak for next season. There will be no big changes in the team as they have kept four of their senior riders. Stanislaw Chomski went for Bartosz Zmarzlik, Szymon Wozniak, Krzysztof Kasprzak and Anders Thomsen. The biggest improvement is swapping Peter Kildemand for Nielsa Kristian Iversen. The 37-year-old rode for Gorzow 8 seasons and has very good memories from the Edward Jancarz Stadium. It’s not easy to tell who will be their regular junior as they have 5 youngsters in the squad: Rafal Karczmarz, Mateusz Bartkowiak, Wiktor Jasinski, Alan Szczotka and Kamil Nowacki.

Will PGG ROW take a chance on the American? FOT. JAROSLAW PABIJAN

PGG ROW Rybnik:

PGG ROW Rybnik’s top 8 is a big question mark. The club needs reinforcements as so far they only have Kacper Woryna, Mateusz Szczepaniak, Siergyi Logaczow, Troy Batchelor and the junior pair of Mateusz Tudziez – Przemyslaw Giera. The Sharks will want to negotiate with Greg Hancock who could become their star. The 49-year-old knows the situation and surely will take advantage of this when it comes to it. PGG ROW could also do with another domestic senior rider. The best option here would be Jarek Hampel, but he doesn’t want to leave Leszno and would only join in April on loan if he does not get guarantees of regular racing.


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