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Last weekend the annual Peter Craven Memorial was held at the Belle Vue circuit. On this occasion, Clair Hannah, a journalist of ITV Granada, who sympathizes with speedway, prepared a short material resembling the silhouette of the two-time world champion.

Clair Hannah did quite a great job, because she managed to persuade people who had been “closed” to the media so far to remember about Peter Craven – the legend of the world speedway Peter Collins, the son of Rob’s former speedway rider or his ex-wife Brenda. Peter Craven won his first title in 1954, just six years after he first sat on a speedway motorcycle. He won his second title in 1962. Unfortunately, a year later he died in hospital after an accident at the Edinburgh track. It was Craven who was the idol of many riders, including Peter Collins.

– He was pretty perfect on the track, he had a great balance on the bike. From the beginning, when I saw him on the track, I wanted to be like him and be the world champion. When I was eight, my parents took me to the Belle Vue track and when I saw Craven, he immediately became my idol and I wanted to be like him someday. The events of 1963 when he died were tragic for everyone, especially his family. I must admit that as a young boy I had my ambitions to beat him on the track one day – said Peter Collins in the material.

By dying at 29, Peter Craven left behind his six-year-old son Robert, two-year-old daughter Julia and wife Brenda.

– Peter was a very family man. He was a type of rider who left the stadium last because he gave everyone an autograph and he never refused to talk. To this day, I have only the fondest memories related to Peter. When I look at old photos, I feel very nostalgic – said Brenda Leat, the wife of a former speedway rider.

The journalist’s visit to Craven’s ex-wife allowed to get knowledge about Peter which hasn’t been discovered until nowadays.

– Once Peter suffered a leg injury. He was then successfully cured by none other than the famous Liverpool football manager, Bill Shankly. It is worth knowing that Peter was a great supporter of Liverpool, he went to their matches and followed their results on an ongoing basis. It even happened that he participated in the training of the football team – told Brenda.

Despite the fact that the individual world champion came from Liverpool, apart from the rider’s grave, there is no “memory” in this city after the fact that it was here that he was born and began his adventure with speedway.

– Certainly something should be done in this direction. Peter raced for Manchester but he made his first steps on the track located at Stanley Stadium in Liverpool – sums up the legendary speedway rider Peter Collins.

Material from ITV Granada