Finał Speedway of Nations – dzień 2.

2020-10-17 19:00:00

Finał PGE Ekstraligi: Fogo Unia Leszno – Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów 59:30 (103:76)

2020-10-11 19:15:00



PGE Ekstraliga: Betard Sparta Wrocław – RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra 50:40

2020-10-11 16:30:00



PGE Ekstraliga: Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów – Fogo Unia Leszno 46:44

2020-10-09 20:30:00



PGE Ekstraliga: RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra – Betard Sparta Wrocław 37:32

2020-10-09 18:00:00



PGE Ekstraliga: Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów – Betard Sparta Wrocław 55:34 (99:80)

2020-10-04 19:15:00



Swedes in eWinner1

Start Gneizno’s Swedes are best in eWinner1

5 Swedish riders and Timo Lahti (who is Finnish but races on a Swedish licence in the Elitserien) took part in this year’s eWinner1 league.

Timo Lahti

And it was Lahti who finished highest of those six riders when he finished in 11th place the individual scores racing with Start Gneizno. He scored 2.050 with the club who came second in the league behind run away leaders, KS Torun. The Finnish born rider actually scored slightly less than last year, when he clocked up 2.111 and finished in 6th place.

But the rider’s season was not just about Poland. Lahti finished a commendable 7th place in the Speedway European Championship and came second behind eventual winner, Robert Lambert in Round 3 at his home track in Poland. The scores were so tight at the top of the table that just four more points would have put him in fourth place. In Sweden he was the top scorer for Rospiggarna with 2.086, which made him the fifth highest scoring Swede in Elitserien.

All in all it for the 28 year old Finn/ Swede it was a season to savour, apart from being was forced to have surgery on his right hand thumb prematurely ending his season. He has already signed for Gniezno for 2021.

Oliver Berntzon

Oliver Berntzon also represented Start Gneizno in eWinner1 and scored similarly to Lahti gaining a 2.017 average placing him 13th overall in the individual ranking. He had finished 14th last year with an average of 1.980 so will no doubt be pleased with him progress.

The 27 year may reflect, however, with frustration on his season Sweden where he was pipped into second place in the Swedish National Championships at his home track at Målilla. He also was the second highest scorer at Dackarna behind Swedish national champion, Jacob Thorssell (again). Surprisingly, Berntzon came 19th overall with a heat average just under 2 p/h in Elitserien.

However, the season’s disappointments will be more than made up by his Speedway Grand Prix Challenge second place which qualifies him for the SGP series in 2021. He will also be representing Sweden alongside Fredrik Lindgren and junior, Alexander Woentin at this weekend’s Speedway of Nations.

Swedish riders in eWinner 1 League

11. Timo Lahti 2.050 Gneizno

13. Oliver Berntzon 2.017 Gneizno

20. Peter Ljung 1.839 Tarnow

28. Jacob Thorssell 1.712 Gdansk

36. Kim Nilsson 1.541 Tarnow

39. Pontus Aspgren 1.482 Daugavpils


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