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Bartosz Smektała kolekcja
Fri. Jan 24, 2020

Rory Schlein podpisał kontrakt z Somerset Rebels/ fot. Jarosław Pabijan

Schlein: I got my fingers burnt at Lodz this year

Rory Schlein made a return to Orzel Łodz team this year. The rider only featured in 2 meetings and he admits he does not know what the future holds in Poland for him.

Schlein was hoping for more racing in the polish league for sure. For some reason in the whole 2019 campaign he only raced twice. – I’m not sure what went wrong – admits Rory Schlein. – Something did not work out, but I am glad I did get to race on the new stadium, I loved it there.

Rory Schlein had a decent year in the UK

What’s next for the Aussie in the polish league. – I’m not sure what to say, as I don’t know the team’s plans for the next season – he said. – I can only sit tight and wait and see what the future brings at Lodz, or indeed somewhere else.

It wasn’t a bad year for the rider, as he reflects on the season. – In Britain we made the play offs with Wolves and Rebels so we can be glad about that. Shame we have failed to make the final of the Premiership with Wolverhampton but I have to say Swindon were the better team over the two legs. As for me, like I said, I was hoping for more chances in Poland but I’m not complaining. Life has tought me many times that there are highs and lows in speedway. – summed up Schlein.