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Fri. Jan 24, 2020

Nicki Pedersen ponownie wystartuje na Wyspach/ fot. Jędrzej Zawierucha

Nicki Pedersen has a new club in Sweden

Nicki Pedersen made an announcement earlier in social media that he will be switching clubs in Sweden. He has revealed that he will be racing for Rospiggarna Halstavik in 2020.

Nicki’s new club finished this season at 8th place. The 42 year old joins the club after 2 season long campaign with Vastervik Speedway. He mentioned his excitement about the new team and the liking of his new home track.

Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie.

Nicki signs for #Rospiggarna speedway in Sweden Hallstavik 🏍💨🇸🇪 2020. “I’m happy to sign for #Rospiggarna in 2020 with the intension from both sides of working together for a long time” Nicki will join #Hallstavik Soeedway with a great feeling. “it’s a great track in Hallstavik and it suits me well. I can also share my experiences from all the tracks in Sweden with my teammates, so it will hopefully be a win-win for the whole team. I’m also looking forward to work together with my old team manager from years ago in Sweden Peter Jansson. @isjawa44 #Rospiggarna Speedway Team manager “Jansson” always brings a good smile and a laugh to the team and is also very serious when he works with the team🕺🏼👌🏻” See you all in 2020 🏍💨🏁

Post udostępniony przez Nicki Pedersen 🕺🏼🏁 (@nickipedersen)

Let’s not forget the Dane had the season cut short because of a serious injury he sustained at Torun’s Motoarena while racing for Falubaz team. He will also be riding for a new club in Poland next year, Mr Garden GKM Grudziadz.