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Sat. Jan 18, 2020


Greg Hancock signs for Rybnik!

Krzysztof Mrozek is a stubborn man. Just before midnight minutes from deadline, Greg Hancock signed a deal with the newly promoted site to PGE Ekstraliga, ROW Rybnik!

– It was a very long night at the G72 club, but with a happy ending – PGG ROW Rybnik signs Greg Hancock! I know you were all waiting for the news at the supporters meeting at the city’s Library, but we just could not announce the deal yet as it simply was not signed in time. We have only agreed terms with the popular Grin just before the transfer window closed. The four-time World Champion signs a one-year deal – informed the Rybnik club.

Greg has his hands full now and we respect this, he is a family man and this comes first. We have our fingers crossed that his beloved wife gets better and her fight is succesful and only then do we hope to see him, not only in the green and black kevlar, but also in Speedway Grand Prix – said Krzysztof Mrozek, the chairman of PGG ROW Rybnik.

As we already know, the newly promoted site has announced yesterday the signings of Andrej Lebedev (loan from Betard Sparta), Vaclav Milik (two-year contract) and Robert Lambert.

PGG ROW has also retained their core of the team that won the Nice 1. Liga Zuzlowa, the lower tier of racing in Poland last season. The team will look like this: Kacper Woryna, Mateusz Szczepaniak, Troy Batchelor and Siergey Logachev (two-year deal) plus the local juniors Mateusz Tudziez and Przemyslaw Giera.