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Bartosz Smektała kolekcja
Fri. Jan 24, 2020

Przemysław Liszka (z prawej) i jego klubowy opiekun, Robert Ruszkiewicz. FOT. JĘDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA.

Foreign junior riders are to be included in leauge racing

It looks like new rules will come to life in the 2020 season, allowing juniors from abroad to take U21 spots in teams.

Andrzej Witkowski – honorary president of the PZM along with Andrzej Rusko, director of WTS Wroclaw, have been working together to enforce the ruling of letting riders from outside of Poland to be eligible to ride as juniors in PGE Ekstraliga.

One foreign junior and four polish seniors – this is what a team roster could be looking like in the forthcoming season. Does that mean that one of those polish seniors could be the reserve rider which tends to be someone inexperienced usually just filling in? For example a 16 year old rookie?

If the clubs remain divided in the matter it will be up to the authorities, PZM, to cast their vote. They will most likely force it in, as it is something fresh and new. As far as we know the voting takes place on Monday.

This new regulation would be ideal for Betard Sparta Wroclaw as they have lost their best junior, the best junior in the league last year, Maksym Drabik as he moves up to the seniors. The league champions Leszno should be OK, as not only do they have young Jaimon Lidsey to call upon but, known for their great work with local youngsters, they have a lot of local juniors in the club. In fact the strength in numbers is so great that the club was loaning most of their talented young riders to the Rawicz club. Both clubs benefitted greatly from it as Rawicz survived thanks to those riders and the Leszno juniors could regularly race in the league. Same goes for Falubaz as they have planned to work with Polonia Pila as a satellite club. This might not be as beneficial now as it is quite costly to train new riders and much more cost effective just to sign a telent from abroad.