Finał Speedway of Nations – dzień 2.

2020-10-17 19:00:00

Finał PGE Ekstraligi: Fogo Unia Leszno – Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów 59:30 (103:76)

2020-10-11 19:15:00



PGE Ekstraliga: Betard Sparta Wrocław – RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra 50:40

2020-10-11 16:30:00



PGE Ekstraliga: Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów – Fogo Unia Leszno 46:44

2020-10-09 20:30:00



PGE Ekstraliga: RM Solar Falubaz Zielona Góra – Betard Sparta Wrocław 37:32

2020-10-09 18:00:00



PGE Ekstraliga: Moje Bermudy Stal Gorzów – Betard Sparta Wrocław 55:34 (99:80)

2020-10-04 19:15:00



ELITSERIEN: Best riders 2020

The top three riders in this year’s Swedish Elitserien are, not surprisingly, those with SGP, SEC and Ekstraliga experience. In fact, the 2020 European Champion and the 2017 World Champion:

  • 1. Robert Lambert (LEJ) 2.634
  • 2. Niels-Kristian Iversen (KUM) 2.533
  • 3. Jason Doyle (WSSK) 2.481

Sadly for Swedish speedway, they only had 2 riders in the top 10 and both are part of winning team, MasarnaKim Nilsson (6th, 2.250) and Antonio Lindbäck (10th, 2.139).

How did the other Swedish riders do? Check it out here:- The Top 10 Swedish riders.

Iversen was first – but how did the other Danish riders do? The Top 10 Danish riders.

And what about the other Australians and Brits – could anyone catch Doyle or was in a class of his own? Top English speakers in Sweden.


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