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Bartosz Smektała kolekcja
Sun. Feb 16, 2020

W Polsce wciąż mamy boom na żużel. W Szwecji biją na alarm.

Dramatic attendance fall in Sweden

No crowd issues in the best speedway league in the world, PGE Ekstraliga is thriving. It is completely different in Sweden. This year has been the worst, in terms of crowd numbers, for many years.

Like we have reported recently, both Piraterna Motala and Smederna Eskilstuna are in financial difficulties. It is still uncertain whether they will be racing at all in the new season. One of the main reasons for their smaller revenues is an overall crowd decrease in Elitserien. 

Piraterna Motala’s home match average attendance was of 1823 fans this season. The biggest fall was in Lejonen. The crowds were half as small on average as on previous year. Last year they had 4096 people, this year only 2071. 

League Champions from Eskilstuna have also lost 1400 fans. The league itself felt the crunch from an average of 3237 tickets sales to 2318. 

– We have to sit down and get some ideas together to see how we encourage people to find their way back to the stadiums – said Sven Gustafsson of Smederna in one of the Swedish papers.