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Sun. Feb 16, 2020

Krzysztof Buczkowski. FOT. JĘDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA

Devastating news from Grudziadz. Krzysztof Buczkowski seriously injured

Krzysztof Buczkowski had a very unlucky incident. MrGarden GKM Grudziadz’s captain had a serious fall on a motocross track on Thursday the 5th of December and broke his leg. It is not yet clear how long will he be out of action.

Buczkowski has started his preparation for the new season. In the Thursday motocross session, he had an unfortunate fall and the first prognosis were later confirmed – broken left thigh bone. 

The rider underwent surgery in a hospital in Grudziadz but it is not known yet how long he will have to wait until he’s fully fit and back in training. According to the Grudziadz club, the prognosis is rather optimistic and Buczkowski could be back in time for the pre-season training and start the season with the team.

Buczkowski had been riding motocross with Artem Laguta after the season ended quite regularly.