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Sat. Jan 18, 2020

Chris (z lewej) i Jack Holder. Czy obaj wystąpią w eliminacjach do GP 2021? FOT. JĘDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA

Australian brothers to be angels again

Another confirmation from the Klub Sportowy Torun camp. This time the fans got reassured that Motoarena will still be home to brothers Chris and Jack Holder. Their future was possibly the most emotional to all the Torun fans.

Apator Torun will definitely be the favourite of the Nice 1. LZ next season. Jack and Chris Holder are there to help the team to a quick promotion back to the elite. The brothers are well known among the “Angels” fans and are the most talked about subject for quite some time.

Chris Holder i Jack Holder w sezonie 2020 nadal będą reprezentować żółto-niebiesko-białe barwy! 😇

Publiée par Klub Sportowy Toruń sur Mercredi 13 novembre 2019

The 2012 World Champion ended the 2019 PGE Ekstraliga season with a 1,677 average which placed him 27th in riders ranking. The younger brother was a little below him at 36th with 1,391 average.

There were opinions about Jack Holder that he was quite a divisive character and he often was a subject of conflicts. The rider regularly took his reserve rides, despite his form, some said that he was under some kind of protection. It seems that the Aussies should thrive at the lower level of racing and will successfully bring the club back to the top tier of racing.

Chris rides for Torun since 2008. No wonder that many still believe that they will see again the best version of the 32-year-old.