Anders Rowe chce się w Swindon jak najwięcej nauczyć/ fot.
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Tru Plant Ipswich Witches contracted young Briton Anders Rowe last winter. In the upcoming season, the 19-year-old will play the role of the so-called “Rising Star” rider in the team. The program aims to support the youngest, domestic riders, to guarantee them regular racing, and thus to gain valuable experience in fighting on the league tracks.


Rowe joined the club last winter and had an impressive first full season in the top division, this time playing “Rising Star”. The program was introduced last winter to provide a path of development for young British speedway riders. Each Premiership team is required to have at least one rider qualified for the program.

The interested himself does not hide that he is very happy with the opportunity he has received. For such a young rider, it is very important to gain experience. As you know, it’s best to learn alongside the best, and regular racing in the top division guarantees a high-level learning that will pay off in the future.

– It was a quick decision, it did not require much thought. Already in the middle of the year I contacted the managers of the club from Ipswich that I would like to come back after the season and continue my career. The management expressed a favorable opinion about it, they immediately said that they wanted me in the team. I am very happy to be able to represent the titled team as “Rising Star”. The talks proceeded quickly and in a friendly atmosphere. I am convinced that I will be up to the task, said Anders Rowe.

Sebastian Sirek