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Sun. Feb 16, 2020

Maksym Drabik (z lewej) i Gleb Czugunow. FOT. JĘDRZEJ ZAWIERUCHA.

2020 without foreign juniors in PGE Ekstraliga

It was a firm “No” to let U21 riders from abroad to be eligible to take junior spots in 2020. Only Rybnik and Wroclaw voted for on Monday. Those who voted against were clubs from: Lublin, Leszno, Grudziadz, Czestochowa, Zielona Gora and Gorzow. This means that the rule will not be brought forward.

It’s a blow for Andrzej Rusko who tried hard to enforce this controversial rule to help out his own team, Betard Sparta Wroclaw. Gleb Czugunow will have to ride as a foreign rider and cannot be protected under a junior status. It is a big boost for all the young riders in Poland. One of those riders is Wiktor Jasinski who came to Stal Gorzow and transferred over from motocross. We had a little chat with him about his future and the forthcoming season. Have a look at this very promising young man as he’s talking about his incredible progress and his hopes as a league rider in the future.