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A closely fought match at Toruń saw the lead change several times upto Heat 11 as Jack Holder (15+1) and Pawel Przedpelski (8+2) shone for the home team and Jakub Miskowiak (13+1) and Leon Madsen (12) out front for the visitors, Częstochowa. The junior was just one point short of a paid maximum whereas Swedish SGP rider, Fredrik Lindgren ( 5+1) still seems out of form for the Lions.

The match was decided by a mistake by Toruń veteran, Adrian Miedzinski, who was disqualified from Heat 12 when he moved from the inside to the outside line coming into turn three. The Pole appeared not to see Częstochowa’s junior rider, Mateusz Swindicki (3) in the outside lane, and knocked him down as the mature Pole’s back wheel clattered the younger rider’s front tire sending him into the dirt.

Swindicki then won the re-run with Jonas Jeppesen (8) behind him for the 1:5.

That opened the match up for 41:49 victory for the visitors.


Gorzow and Bartosz Zmarzlik were beaten tonight in Wroclaw by the score of 52:38 and Tai Woffinden was not even in the team when it happened. Instead, it was Maciej Janowski (13+1) and Artem Laguta (15+1) that lead the home team to victory with near faultless performance, whilst Gleb Chugunov (14+1) also was outstanding in his best match of the year.

Laguta, Daniel Bewley (5+3) and Janowski all beat the Polish double world champion in a heat – something that only two other riders had done all season.

These four riders put the hosts in the lead 39:27 by Heat 11 and three 4:2 heats in a row put to bed any thought of a late Gorzow comeback.
Zmarzlik (14) and Anders Thomsen (9+2) took a 1:5 in the night’s final heat to regain pride for the visitors. Sadly, Danish youngester, Marcus Birkemose (0) struggled again in the world’s toughest league. However, Gorzow still remain top in the Ekstraliga.